Tuesday, August 7, 2012


     Hello reader's I am Mrmalding I have played video game's for many years and have come to the conclusion that there are many pro's to being a gamer and many con's.

     In this blog I will list out good points of a game and there bad points as well as the effect on your social life and personal health.

     Today I will start with a game known to many people as Minecraft created by Mojang.
The pro's of this game are it's easy to pick up, you understand the objective pretty easily, and that updates come on a rather regular basis.
The con's of this game are that once immersed in the game the crafting of objects become increasingly difficult, the amount of content can be overwhelming, and servers that have any good mini games are set up with hamachi a program designed to create a virtual network with a static ip address.

       The benefits of your health could be that you keep your mind active and tap into your creativity,
and that it is a good way to enjoy yourself.

     The adverse effects are you could become addicted and remove yourself from the outside world to converse with your new online friends, you become less active in your life, and you wish to forgo taking neccesary care of your body and bodily functions leading to a variety of medical risks.

     In reflection you should enjoy this game but avoid being sucked into it and ignoring other parts of your life have fun and happy gaming! :)